Peace, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Peace to your anxious heart, peace when you lose control,

Peace when you feel incomplete and full of holes.

Peace when you cannot pray.

Peace when you cannot stay.

Peace when you’ve lost your way, Amen.

Peace to begin again.

Peace when all seems difficult, you’re struggling, and you see no end.

Peace in your family’s life.

Peace from chaos and rest from strife.

Peace to accept forgiveness and forgive

for He is Faithful who has promised.

Peace in your losses or gains.

Peace after storms will remain.

Peace and compassion be a flame, burning passion for only Him.

Peace when confusion tries to convince you to follow.

Peace for today and tomorrow.

Peace when you’re tired and far gone.

Peace has had you in His arms all along.

Peace when you’re right or when you’re wrong.

Peace when sad or singing a happy song.

Peace when the voices try to persuade you otherwise.

Peace in your body to overcome those lies.

Peace to help you as faith arrives.

Peace, and more peace till love arise.

Peace to see brand new from God given eyes.

Peace, loving, and kindness multiplied.

Peace and utmost tranquility.

Peace coupled with love living in harmony.

Peace, as your soul prospers and your spirit soars.

Shalom, from God’s treasure house where He has more in store.

Shalom, when confined or restricted.

Shalom, breathe be uplifted. Amen

BY ALEXIS RODRIGUEZ, BH6734,      SCI Dallas,      1000 Follies Rd.     Dallas, PA 18612

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