Prison Mentoring Programs

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A prison should be a correctional facility for those who break the law, but more often than not, society views the inmates housed in this facility with a lot of contempt. They are usually  shunned by those in society, leaving them feeling rejected and ignored. Many forget that they are also human beings who have feelings and emotions, just like anyone else. Christian Service for prisoners is a positive approach for mentoring prisoners, they should be encouraged to understand that despite being prisoners, they are still part of the general society.
Christian services for prisoners plays a special role in changing the behavior of inmates; Christianity teaches the virtue of forgiveness and repentance. He who repents his sins is forgiven and will have a new lease of life, so the Holy bible teaches. Using this approach, prisoners feel a sense of acceptance and self worth, they learn to differentiate between right and wrong, which is the basis of christian teaching. Prison living conditions  improve through this christian service as there is less bullying, and animosity among inmates and other vices that are the norm within prison cells.

Prisoners are given a chance to express themselves and open up, they can have a forum where they examine the reasons that drove them to committing their crimes. The Christians in the fellowship listen to them, and in turn, give them hope to believe they can still go back to society and still have a positive impact. By so doing, they feel more human and become better people once they are out of the confines of prison.  The same impact may not be realized for all convicts, but Christian services will, to a great extent, help in mentoring prisoners for their individual growth, who can then be accepted back into society as productive members who have changed their ways and who have found a new life.

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