Reasons Why Teen Boys Commit Violent Crimes

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Reasons Why Teen Boys commit Violent Crimes.
(from the mouths of JLWOPs / Juvenile Life Without Parole inmates)

Submitted by Ed Spencer, who has mentored teens for over four decades, and whose love and dedication has helped prevent many teens from making seriously bad decisions that would have lifelong consequences. Thanks Ed!

The feeling of rejection at Home, at School, at Church, in front of Peers, or all of the above.

The Lack of Encouragement and Affirmation. All men, but especially teens and young men have a strong need for encouragement and affirmation. The desire for others to positively acknowledge or recognize when they have done something right or good.

Low to No self esteem or worth – Because of the results of Rejection or lack of Encouragement, they see no evidence in their lives of value or self worth. The feeling of insignificance sets in.

The feeling of hopelessness overcomes them when the items above are out of balance and overwhelmingly negative.

The Teen Mental Handicap – . Federal Scientific studies have shown that the Brain does not fully develop until age 20 to 22. The underdeveloped Frontal Lobe of the brain is responsible for understanding the reality of consequences. The teen may know the consequences of his actions and yet not understand the reality that it applies to him. Teens tend to think they are invincible.

Encourage a Teen today! ………. Leave no Teen behind!

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