Restored, by Alexis Rodriguez

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The love of GOD purges all the guilt

the walls, defenses that all hurt built.

Mistakes you’ve made have brought you here

where now you’re told your faults are clear.

You are healed but think you’re sick

you’ve sought solution and have not quit.

You’ve tried your own righteousness

to solve the problems of your life’s mess,

and still you fight with consciousness

not knowing this, that you are blessed.

You’ve had it all, all this time

not knowing this, you’ve spent days trying.

All those nights that you were crying

God was washing, renewing, refining.

He shows you now just how go live,

without blame, or shame, forgive.

Your future’s bright for all to see,

love full of joy, in all things your free.

Enjoy your friends, your family.

I’ve made you new, especially for ME.


Alexis Rodriguez,  BH 6734      1000 Follies Rd.        Dallas          PA        18612

EDITORS NOTE: You may write to my friend, “Lex” at the address above; he loves to hear from our readers, and he is very kind and friendly in his replies–be sure to put his name and DOC# on the first line of the address, and be sure to put a return address top left of envelope, or it will not be delivered to him.  If you prefer, you may use my ministry return address:  Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927.

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