Revelation, by Carmella

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Little girl, two years old, locked in a dark room with another man

Who’s supposed to be dad.

She cries but don’t no one care.


Six years old and her heart turns cold, starts dressing like a dude

Just so they leave her alone.

Did you know the only one who “loved” her snuck in her room?

Yeah, isn’t it a sad world.


Tears dripping down her face, screaming “someone love me!”

Yeah, what a tragedy, saying screw it, where’s the drugs?

Sixteen and pregnant wasn’t enough,

Went out and married the biggest clown of them all.


Now she rappin out a jail cell.

Finally couldn’t take it anymore,

Dropped to the floor and gave it all to the Lord.

Twenty years old, preaching to the world the power of the Word.


Have you ever heard of a man giving his all for the whole world?

Calling down baby girl, get up from the floor my love,

For you is dripping down the wood.

Thy will be done praying for his murders, year that’s right.

Jesus hung from the cross pleading “Father forgive them, for they

know not what they do.”

But don’t worry, this is just the beginning of His story.


 EDITORS NOTE:  While this Christian inmate is known to me by her writings, I have redacted her full name to protect her identity.  We use this technique in an abundance of caution to protect her and her family from any negative usage of this information.  We thank her for sharing her testimony!


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