Satisfied But Not Settling, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Paul says in Philippians 4:11 “…for I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content”. My locality must not sway my emotions to the point where I am ineffective for Jesus. I am still learning to embrace the place where I currently am while trying to rest in God’s perfect time for future promotion.

See, I’m in a correctional facility and desire wholeheartedly to soon be released. So how do I function finding grace before man and God while struggling to get out of my circumstances? Learning to be content is understanding that I am NOW in a new place. I’ve been positioned in right standing with God through faith in Jesus. So physically my body is here in this prison but now I AM the body of Christ and He can never be imprisoned. As He is so am I in this world.

So how is He or where is He? Jesus is in an exalted state regaining all that was forfeited by the first Adam, and after obeying unto death and that of the cross, The Father glorified Him as in the beginning. He sits at the right hand of Father, interceding for us who are His, His family and coheirs. My contentment does not come from outside sources, but from acknowledging all the resources that I have now through The Holy Spirit. Resources like empowering love, mercies daily, self-restraint, authority to be called a son of God.

My example is Jesus Himself who stripped Himself of all privilege, laying aside not of divine powers and attributes, but of divine glory and dignity only to take it up again. He did this willingly and purposefully so that Jew and Gentile can be raised up together with Him and seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. So in my humanness I combat for the greater purpose in Christ though I must find happiness in my singleness, solitude, abasing, sometimes feeling unfulfilled knowing that I AM blessed with every spiritual blessing, and even possess The Spirit as treasure while He even possesses me.

All this I do for His glory by instruction. Rejoice. Amen.

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