“Security” by Alexis Rodriguez of Lamb Squad Ministries

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2 Corinthians 5:19

Security Blanket?

As a young boy of twelve or thirteen I was indestructible, running anywhere and doing almost anything, except when it came to my Pop.  He was the kindest and most gentle man, until he drank that Puerto Rican rum.  He had our family terrified, and of course, me as a child drew from the collective strength or fear.

One night Pop was knocking on the door and was very drunk.  My mom had double-bolted the front door and was speaking to him from the second-floor window:  “go somewhere and sleep it off.”  Well, he didn’t like that, to say the least.  He went to his garden right across the street and came back with a sledge hammer.  He commenced to try to break down the front door and my mom ordered me to place the sofa in front of the door as she tried to call the cops.  The neighbors were now witnessing this, even trying to speak to Pop and calm him down.   By this time he managed to break a hole in the door, which brings images of a horror movie.  I had run upstairs and actually got under my mom’s blanket on her bed.  It seemed like forever in those minutes that transpired while in my mom’s bed.  In the fetal position I felt secure, and I even smile now, somehow being reminded of the comfort.  Being cradled in the womb with just the sound of my mother’s heart beating (thump, thump).

Suddenly, I heard a scream like trees snapping in a storm, and a screech that still affects me:  “Alex! Alex!”  It was my mother’s voice as if in birth pains.  This became a “being born again experience” as I broke out of the comfort of my security blanket and went towards the screams.  Reaching her, she says “go get help!”  I went to the back room, and hanging from the second-floor window, I jumped down and went over the yard gate, then through the lot until I got to the corner on the avenue.  Lo and behold the cops were parked right there.  I told them to come with me up the block where they found my father still in a state of delirium and with hammer in hand.

The memories of that day bring sadness, but praise God for Jesus whom my father accepted before his death on August 14, 2012.  He was born anew never to see death.  My father would brag “my religion is Christian Brother’s brandy, King Solomon wine, and Felipe Segundo.”  I know Pop always confided in the God he was introduced to as a boy.  Even more, I know that very God promised never to leave him nor forsake him.  That brings security.  That is an encouraging promise.

My fellow readers, no matter your condition or state, your father in heaven loves you.  He’s made me to leap over tall circumstances in a single bound, giving strength to my every step like a mountain goat, and making me to tread and even cast down everything that elevates itself against me.  My feet are secure, firmly placed on the foundation of His Grace.  His joy is my fortress.  Amen.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Leading All Men to Brotherhood (L.A.M.B.) Ministries is the work of Christian men residing at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA. who are fervent in their desire to spread the love of Jesus and eternal salvation to people inside and outside of the prison walls.

Please join me in supporting their efforts with prayer and encouraging words cards or letters.  You can write to this author, my very good friend “Lex” at the address below:

Alexis Rodriquez,  BH 6734                        1000 Follies Road              Dallas, PA   18612

Use only a plain white envelope and you must use a return address…if you prefer, you may use my ministry return address:  Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927

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