“Security” by Willie J. Gooding of Lamb Squad Ministries

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2 Corinthians 5:19


I testify to all who will read my life experience…I’ve endured and overcome a lie concerning the spirit of “security.”  My prayers are, and will continue to be, that someone, somewhere, will be liberated through this testimony, by rendering defenseless the lies of the enemy with the truth that is only found in Christ Jesus.  He is the God of love and truth, and He is always willing to be the rock that we all can stand on, and the security we all can rest in.

Thank you for continuing to follow my life’s story from bondage to breakthrough.  As a fatherless teenager growing up, I was very covetous.  I craved the newest and latest phenomenon that was advertised.  I desired to be seen as someone important by the things I accumulated, but I had no way of actually making this happen.   This imaginative lifestyle led me down a destructive path, believing that temporary achievements would give me a sense of security!  It was the lie that kept on giving.

A mother’s love has to be the greatest love on earth a child can experience.  I say this because while I was going through this very detrimental phase in my life, my mom’s (Helen) eyes never lost sight of what I was going through.  She knew I was being consumed by the world’s system, and she was losing me right before her eyes.  There was nothing she could say (amid many attempts) because I was already drugged by my covetousness.

She decided to try a different approach, and became the pseudo security she believed I needed.  She began to appease me with temporary securities; material things, expecting that her well-thought-out plan would somehow save me from the destructive lifestyle I’d slipped into.  It’s amazing how harmoniously a Mother’s love can resemble the love of God.  Yet there is a difference:  Mom’s remedy in securing me was to give me “worldly things”, which only increased my desires, and imposed a greater strain on her as well as my siblings.  I believe that this remedy unfortunately produced the assumption that I was more valuable, favored, and loved, which wasn’t the case at all!  Mom recognized a problem and reacted!

As good as her intentions were, no amount of “worldly things” could have solved my issue of needing security.  Thankfully, there was something else inside of me that was planted by my mother – the one thing that would make all the difference.   She planted the seed of God in my life before the death of my father – the true seed regarding security.

This seed was growing and maneuvering me through my accumulated lies. In the fullness of time my eyes were opened to the love and truth of my Lord and Savior – the only security that brings satisfaction!  Today Mom and I rejoice about those times, because we now realize that true security is not found in “worldly things”, but rather in the spiritual truths of God!

Even though I am testifying from a secured location, it pales in comparison with the true stability and safekeeping that can only be found in the security of Christ!  Always remember that Jesus loved you to death!

God Bless you!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Leading All Men to Brotherhood (L.A.M.B.) Ministries is the work of Christian men residing at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA. who are fervent in their desire to spread the love of Jesus and eternal salvation to people inside and outside of the prison walls.

Please join me in supporting their efforts with prayer and encouraging  cards or letters.  You can write to this author, my friend “Skip” Gooding at the address below:

Willie J. Gooding, EW4226                       1000 Follies Road              Dallas, PA   18612

Use only a plain white envelope and you must use a return address…if you prefer, you may use my ministry return address:  Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927


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