Skip Speaks, “It’s Written on Your Heart”

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To my beloved brothers at Prison Mentoring and all over the world, remember this: God has made it easy for us in the new covenant to be directed by his wisdom and love. We no longer must run to prophets to find out his will for us. He himself leads us! For those of you who want to serve the Lord, but don’t know where to start, just ask yourself what is in your heart. If you have a desire to start a prison mentoring ministry, then do so. As a new covenant believer, that’s how your father leads you. He puts his laws in your mind and writes them on your heart.

Perhaps you feel a prompting to bless someone financially, even though the person looks prosperous. Follow that prompting because today, God speaks to you directly and he has made it easy for you to know is will through his promptings in your heart. We all know that looks can be deceiving. For example, many con artists believe that church folks are gullible, therefore, they dress down with a well-rehearsed sob story to move you to give to them. On the other hand, there are noble people who dress up on Sundays to honor the occasion, but they may be in dire straits financially. Hence, we need to follow the promptings of our hearts and not the sight of our eyes. So, when you feel the desire to do something good for someone, do it, knowing that you have a brand-new part that hears God, and that it is God’s who works in you both the willingness and the ability to do it!

This Prison Mentoring ministry is an example of how God puts his desires in our hearts and this Prison Mentoring ministry knows it is God who empowers us to do them. I believe I can speak for many when I say, “Thank you brother Rick for accepting the desire God put in your heart for prison mentoring.” It has and will continue to be a blessing to all it reaches through the grace of God!

“For it is God who works in you both to will and do for His good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13

Your Brother in Christ,

Willie “Skip” Gooding

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You are invited to write and encourage this Christian inmate–he would greatly welcome your card or letter.  You must use a plain white envelope–no stickers or metal attached–His name and DOC # must appear in the first line of the address, and there must be a return address on the top left of the envelope:  Willie Gooding, EW4226, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Road, Dallas PA 18612

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