Streets, by Alexis Rodriguez

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I have this unseen hope, deep calls out to deep.
Like a screaming waterfall, with tones I cannot speak.
I well up in tears, and then begin to laugh
as I remember youthful me, times gone and passed.

Do you remember playing hopscotch, jacks
and all the games we'd invent?
Catch a girl kiss a girl? Now I wonder where
all the time went.

In Junior High, tight Calvins later we wore Lee's,
we had Top Tens first, then Shells with dungarees.
Pretty girls passed by and we'd be like, "please"
"you ain't all that to bring us to our knees".

They'd smile we smiled too, connections
later confirmed what we already knew.
Untouchable in '84, but then came Mastbaum

I had to work to keep up, legit while you were gone.
The streets were calling, and they were charging for fame
I answered " here I am Darling " and registered my name.

Quickly she showed treason, I thought all hope was lost,
she turned without a reason, and showed me who is boss.
You taught me a life lesson, so I thank you Sister Streets,
" he who does not learn is bound, and these mistakes repeats".

You may write to Alexis (Lex) Rodriguez at the following address–he would love to hear from you!

  • Smart Communications / PADOC, 
  • Alexis Rodriguez / BH6734
  • SCI Dallas,
  • PO Box 33028,
  • ST Petersburg FL 33733




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