Sunday, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Is it going to be any better today, Sunday? The day every good Christian is up earlier than most to attend their weekly service. A day when we try to draw closer to God in proximity as if going somewhere or doing something can accomplish that. A day when most will exercise their hands as if in a yoga or Pilates class lifting them in the air, or as if in the club shakin’ like they just don’t care.

The agenda has been set and practice has been had all week for this day, Sunday. Some have called this day “the most segregated time of the week”. Whites in the security of their church have a semblance of escaping closed communities, Blacks assemble together to demonstrate freedom from the chaos of the past days. Hispanics, Asians, the assimilated “others” where are they?

The musical selection has been set at “gimme that old time religion”, but the youth, the mighty youths they rise up having something to say, but is it relevant? Will they be heard? The old guard is vanishing and soon to be of that great cloud of witnesses. A baby cries in the nursery, the joyful noise has been silenced by a prophecy in tears. Does anyone hear? Church, let all hold silence before the Lord. Let your joy turn to tears for the next generation! Who will lead? Who is being nurtured, tutored, mentored? Where are all the men? Where are those who worship in Spirit and in truth? The torch bearers bringing Light? The standard bearers with integrity? The bruised reed He will not reject and the broken will be healed!

I’ve been in prison for the last 30 years and from my cell I’ve seen Christianity advance to mega proportions, but as places of worship have become bigger have hearts grown smaller? No, I refuse to accept that! The grace of our Lord Jesus fills the cosmos and we, too, are being perfected into he image of The Son of God. Let everyday and every way become a new opportunity to praise.

by Alexis Rodriguez

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