Super Abounding Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

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The streams of Grace will never dry

always they’re strong, never receding.

Though sometimes are low

and even shallow

they are never gone

as if to be leaving.

Though sin may abound

Grace super abounds

where many see loss

God sees the found.

He sees the redeemed

His children surround

saying, Holy, Holy, Holy

He that wears The Crown.

The clouds may approach

encroach on His seed.

The darkness may come

when we’re at most need

but just speak The Word

and it must then leave

use your authority

don’t bother saying, please

straighten your back

be strong now weak kneed!

You are Kings and Queens

royally decreed.

Rise now, O Sun of Righteousness

with healing on your wings

and breastplate on your chest!

Make war against our enemy

bless our sweet progress

let Grace now trickle down

let every tongue confess,

“He is LORD of all

He is my Justice”.


You can write to me at this address:

  • Smart Communications / PADOC, 
  • Alexis Rodriguez / BH6734
  • SCI Dallas,
  • PO Box 33028,
  • ST Petersburg FL 33733

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