Alexis Rodriguez Archive

Streets, by Alexis Rodriguez

I have this unseen hope, deep calls out to deep. Like a screaming waterfall, with tones I cannot speak. I well up in tears, and then

To Be Loved, by Alexis Rodriguez

More than to have riches is my deepest desire. To love as I am loved or excel my lovers fire. To transmute my previous living behind

Easter Sunday 2019, by Alexis Rodriguez

Perfection, communing with the divine before the beginning of the end. My body was beautiful, no wrong no decay in the garden. I heard His voice,

The Discipline of Change, by Alexis Rodriguez

Sometimes I’m insensitive, in hopes that you would acknowledge my pain. Even when encouraging and trying not to mix my words to you… I end up

Peace Perspective, by Alexis Rodriguez

  Shalom, is a very beautiful word in Hebrew, from the root “to be safe” (mind, body, estate). Furthermore, its rich meaning consists of health, prosperity,

Your Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

Your Grace is sufficient, I WILL NOT DIE! Your Grace is sufficient although some deny. Your Grace is sufficient, when hungry, athirst Your Grace is sufficient