Chris Conchado Archive

Who Do You Think You Are? by Chris Conchado

“Who do you think you are?” Maybe someone has said this to you or possibly you may have even said this to someone else. What is

Why Not Religion, by Christopher Conchado

Why is it that when the word religion is mentioned contention arises? Is there a subject that breeds more animosity and strife than religion? Well politics

God’s Provision–Our Decision, by Chris Conchado

As born again believers we have the opportunity to find out all of what God has done for us. All that He has blessed us with,

One Day at a Time, by Chris Conchado

How do we do it? How do we manage to maintain a sound mind while confined to prison facing 20, 30, 40 years or more? Even

Heaven is My Home, by Chris Conchado (L.A.M.B. Squad)

Home is the one place where we all want to be when we need rest and peace. It is where we are most comfortable and can

I Die Daily, by Chris Conchado (L.A.M.B. Squad)

I remember back to when I got saved.  My life was absolutely by far the worst you could ever imagine.  Honestly, it’s as if any real