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Our Lives Matter, by David Ludwig

Like a lot of people, I knew God when I was young…but that “god” was a “god of rules and regulations; of old miserable people, of

The Untold Truth of the 2018 PA Prison Lockdown, by David Ludwig

Let’s talk about the two ton elephant in the room! After having the entire PA prison system  (over 46,000 people) locked down for over 8 days,

Religious Freedom Under Attack in PA–Please Help! by David Ludwig

On February 9, 2018,  the Deacon Board (10 men) of the SCI Dallas Protestant Church were called to the Chapel by Chaplains Jackson & Houck for

PA Prison System…Did You Know? By David Ludwig

1)  In 2015 the offender population decreased by 842 inmates, which represents the greatest one-year decline in population in the last 40 years. 2)  Between 2005-2009

One Year Later: PA DOC’s Great Leap Forward, by David Ludwig

I am currently sitting in my cell in a Pennsylvania prison called SCI Dallas, writing this article, on a specially made, seven inch tablet. That sentence is not

“Josh” A follow-up, by Ed Spencer

Josh – Follow Up Story Recently in my latest communication with Josh, from the Story “The Insignificance of Josh”, Josh was excited to tell me that