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Who Are the Boys Behind Bars? by Ed Spencer

Who are the “Boys Behind Bars”, and can a mentor truly make a difference? These boys come from many different cultures and backgrounds; and they commit

Boys Behind Bars, ‘Josh’, by Ed Spencer

Many people who have not experienced “behind-the-bars” prison ministry have a TV-produced impression of prison… a violent place, where people who have no value or importance

Boys Behind Bars–A Teen’s Heart, by Ed Spencer

  The Golden Key to a Teen Boys Heart: Whether it’s a teen boy behind bars, a teen from a normal family, a teen from a

Boys Behind Bars–Boy’s Warehouse, by Ed Spencer

Who are the thousands of boys cast out from our society and warehoused like old merchandise on a shelf? How does this happen?  Some of them are

Boys Behind Bars–Josh’s Letter, by Ed Spencer

Every once in a while, as a prison friend and mentor, you receive a letter from a young inmate that is packed with an emotional bombshell.

Boys Behind Bars–The Pine Grove Experience, by Ed Spencer

What happens to a teen convicted of a violent crime in Pennsylvania? Once a boy, ages 12 through 18 is convicted and sentenced to a violent crime,