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Boy’s Behind Bars–A Typical Visit, by Ed Spencer

We are often asked, what is a typical prison visit like? At Prison Mentoring we count it a privilege and a blessing to be able to

Teens Serving Life Without Parole, by Ed Spencer

Boys Behind bars – Teens with JLWOP JLWOP Stands for Juveniles sentenced to Life without parole. There are 5,100 inmates in the Pa. prison system serving

Who is the Mentor Here? by Ed Spencer

Spending time visiting with Christian prisoners has been an awesome experience for me and for our ministry partners. Learning to listen to them, praying with them, sharing the Word

Teens Are Not Yet Adults! by Ed Spencer

Matt was only 15 years old when the Judge’s gavel slammed down with a sentence of 30 to 60 years. Matt was tried as an adult

The Joy of Mentoring Brad, by Ed Spencer

  The first time that I met Brad was in the counseling room at the County Juvenile lock up. He had just turned 15 years of

“Josh” A follow-up, by Ed Spencer

Josh – Follow Up Story Recently in my latest communication with Josh, from the Story “The Insignificance of Josh”, Josh was excited to tell me that