Julio Bonilla Archive

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, by Julio Bonilla

My story is about what happens when you have to do time in prison.  I especially want to explain what doing that time means with your

My Real Friend, by Julio Bonilla

What I am about to tell you today is not a story.  I am telling you the truth. A lot of bad things have happened to

The Clown’s New Name, by Julio Bonilla

Yes, it’s me, the clown of the group that everyone follows.  The one that they all like to hang out with.  Yes, the clown that everybody

Julio–A Lifer Tells His Story, by Julio Bonilla

Greetings, my name is Julio Bonilla, and I am twenty-eight years old.  As of 2017, I have been incarcerated for eight years for homicide.   My sentence