Lex Rodriguez Archive

Land Ho, by Alexis Rodriguez

I questioned my family "How can you sleep at a time like this"? Isn't that careless I'd be remiss. I said to another; "during the revolution"

The Free Library, by Alexis Rodriguez

In the heart of the most impoverished neighborhood in North Philly is a treasure only some know of, the library near 6th and Lehigh in the

A Brother’s Plea for Alexis Rodriguez

On May 21, 1989 my brother was arrested along with Juan G. (a juvenile) for his alleged involvement in a fight which resulted in the death

Attachment, by Alexis Rodriguez

Have you ever eaten at a fancy five-star restaurant, perhaps after hearing or being informed of its reception, service and food? How about trying something your

Life, by Alexis Rodriguez

What would you do if you saw life pass you by? Would you chase her, or wait for the day that you’ll again see each other?

Our Place and Privileges, by Alexis Rodriguez

I will not submit to lifelong misfortune being hounded by wrong thinking. I’ve decided to accept my legal standing before God through the finished works of