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My Experience with Mentorship, By David Ludwig, GR6289

  “Even the wise cannot see all ends.” – Gandalf, Lord Of The Rings When I began my journey into the prison system after I committed

Mentoring–My Journey of Faith

By Ed Spencer   June 2015          Why am I involved in mentoring other men? I will never forget the days of my teen years when I, too,

Rick Shares a Meal at Liberty Ministries

I didn’t know what to expect when I accepted an  invitation to share a dinner meal at Liberty Ministries in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.  My good friend, Ed

How Rick met Lex

I never expected to actually get involved with someone in prison; never even gave it one thought in my new life as a recently saved believer. 

Prison Mentoring Programs

A prison should be a correctional facility for those who break the law, but more often than not, society views the inmates housed in this facility