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Mentoring Works Both Ways!, by Michael Arce, Jr.

The Webster’s definition of a mentor is: “A person looked upon for wise advice and guidance. A mentor can also be sought after for spiritual or

“The Unwritten Rules of Prison–Part 2”, by Michael Arce, Jr.

In society, we all learn to avoid the situations which usually bring us harm.  Inmate “society” has its own version of this set that we call

  “The Unwritten Rules of Prison–Part 1”, by Michael Arce, Jr.

In prison there are two sets of rules that we convicts should abide by and follow.  The first set of rules are the administration’s rules, and

The Journey From the Hole to the Honor Block, by Michael Arce, Jr.

The journey from the hole to the honor block was a roller coaster ride, to say the least.  To those who are not familiar with the

An Inmate’s View of Prison Jobs, By Michael Arce Jr.

For some inmates, a prison job does not make much difference to them.  They may not need it, or may not even want it.  They are