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PrisonMentoring.com–A Fellowship of Joy, By Rick DiLaurenzo

As Christians, we often think of fellowship as something that happens at our church, or our small group meetings, or perhaps at Bible study classes.  Many

Christmas and Birthday Cards for Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

Simple gestures of Christian Fellowship can mean so much to believers in prison. Just receiving an encouraging note or card from a fellow Christian can bring

Praying Behind Bars, By Vincent Franklin and Rick DiLaurenzo

In many prisons, there are groups of active Christians who participate in spiritual activities that are never portrayed on television or reported in the news.  Christians

How To Send Money To PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

Everything a Pennsylvania inmate needs; clothing, snacks, personal grooming items, coats and jackets, shoes and socks, email messaging units, books, music for their tablets, etc. must

How To Send Email to PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

I have received a number of requests asking how to set up an account to email Pennsylvania inmates.  Here are the step by step instructions so

The Reality of Prison Ministry, by Rick DiLaurenzo

The truth is…a decade ago I never would have guessed that I would be celebrating 5 years of prison ministry!  I would have believed that any