Robert Zukowski Archive

A Stranger’s Eyes, by Robert Zukowski

Into a mirror I did see A stranger’s eyes staring back at me. I notice he looks a lot like me. His bloodshot eyes and a

Segregated Congregation, by Robert Zurkowski

“Sir, I am so sorry, but we cannot allow a person with your type of crime to attend here, as it upsets the congregation.”  “Every idle

One Sacrifice, by Robert Zukowski

A leather whip to rip and tear, Tied to a post, no mercy prayer. Each metal tip bites flesh and bone, Each vicious blow, our sins

The Rock, by Robert Zukowski

The Rock Upon a mountain’s long hard climb I tend to lose my way. Escaping from a mighty pit And all its evil sway. I struggle

Inside Looking Out, by Robert Zukowski

On the day that I got saved, I didn’t realize that I had made a big mistake:  I had put my salvation way ahead of God’s

Ashes to Redemption, by Robert Zukowski

My testimony is long, as it has been a constant battle between Satan and God for my soul, with God always winning, of course.  I’ll try