Talk of a Blessing….By David Lahoz

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Talk of a blessing, while walking & testing

confessing, the very essence of his presence, caressing the flesh that once was lost, now found

by the trumpets sound, that holds no bound. By the ever so power of GOD!

Never to waste in thought

how Satan’s hold, then told, as shown he once had on me

See my Beloved brothers, like really, like I mean really I know how JESUS came & never went

giving me a reality ••• (CHECK), for in reality, he actually said HE will rise from the dead, to set the likes of HE,

being you & me– To repent in HIS name

HE is existing, forever living to set us free

for in spirit HE feeds me & soulfully the seed is planted to bring out the best of this new me

AHHHH man my brothers, talk of a blessing

To how we are all on board, this train praising in accord to HIS truth,

as we live in each others acceptance comprehending HIS message, in show of love & affection, HIS being of sure perfection, in faith,

never to question the word, law & life of the LORD OF LORDS for change in us

they label strange & deranged in the truest of such faith

didn’t HE say it is never to late.?

For us to recognize our gifts & HIS GRACE

now I stand & pray to show & save face

See,! am no longer a lost brother on the run in the heat of HIS breath, being the devils race


Because victory is what I now taste

See how can I be one, CHRISTIANS being an “us” be at last walking with JESUS, OUR SAVIOR, a born winner

leading us to kingdom come, where we all stand in 1st place leaving our sins,

with the devil at work in the past

See brothers, I am here to talk of a blessing

on how I no longer care to abuse, curse or use

HIS name in vain, for HE remains, running deep in my veins And how the holiness of HIS name

will forever SUPREMELY REIGN!

as HE rains to wash away all that is filth & pain as I maintain & sustain his truth, that is ABSOLUTE In setting me free, see, my brothers

I can talk of a blessing, being a blessing, ever so true 0h and how true is the word being heard,

manifesting my opening to HIS air, of God’s given wings that expands & bring,

the best of HIS master plan, for I am soaring high as I fly & fly high

guided by the illuminating light of HIM, ever so bright and HIS name is JESUS THE CHRIST!

Can you hear me as I talk of this blessing?

See, I am a new born man, CHRISTIAN

And this man as you see in faith I stand

I will no longer play to fail, but by HIS love

believe me, I will prevail, for I have unveiled ignorance,

as I have accepted the high price of HIS power & might

and truly I can say what a sight

of fulfilling dream & promising glories

foretold stories of HIM giving us all, eternal life

for HE is the KING OF KINGS, no doubt, showing us right

And with that, let me say


By David Lahoz, CE6446

SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Road, Dallas, PA 18612

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