The Clown’s New Name, by Julio Bonilla

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Yes, it’s me, the clown of the group that everyone follows.  The one that they all like to hang out with.  Yes, the clown that everybody loved to be around… because he always made them laugh, and he was a boatload of fun.

Yeah, it’s me, that clown… that when all alone… has tears falling down his face.  The one that makes them laugh, but no one can ever make me laugh.  That clown is who everyone wanted to be, but they didn’t know the pain that this clown was carrying.  Many people were jealous of those that were hanging out with the clown, so they betrayed him and he ended up in prison.

While in prison he thought that his followers would not tell on him, but the clown thought wrong.  When the District Attorney asked his followers who committed the crime, thirty-one followers were the ones that told the D.A. that it was the clown who made them laugh… and did the crime.

The clown spent two years in solitary fighting his case, and was only  allowed two days out of seven to come out of his cell which was at 3:00 A.M. to 4:00 A.M.  During that hour the clown only had two options:  use the phone or take a shower.  But who wants to talk to a clown at 3:00 A.M?  No one but three people:  his mother, his dad, and his loving sister, Linda.

But the clown was not as much in demand as before, because everyone knew what was going to happen to him.  It was either death row or life without the possibility of parole. The clown received a life sentence plus a whole lot of numbers.   Since that day the clown’s life was not the same.

Then the clown arrived at SCI (State Correctional Institute) at Dallas, PA, and his name is not the clown anymore.  It is now the troublemaker, and he absolutely lives up to the name, constantly staying in trouble.

But one day the troublemaker is in the box and realizes all the damage he has done to himself, his family and others, and at that point he finds the Lord.  The Lord started working on him, changing his heart and mind, and that’s when he realized that God is the only one who can bring happiness and joy to his life.

Now he wants to be a disciple of God, and he takes this very seriously.  His first step was to get baptized.  The first question they ask him when he comes out of the water is “What is your name now?”, and I said “My name is Julio Bonilla.”

I do what I can do to the best of my ability, when God tells me to do it.  I tell everyone that I have peace in my heart, that I walk in the shadow of my Lord, and I am grateful for all the blessings He has shined down upon me throughout all these years I’ve been locked up.  I share my blessings with other inmates, telling them that my Lord has something special for me because He has saved me many times from death.

This has been just a small taste of how God changed my life.  My message to all who doubt… if God can work for me, he can also work for you.  So please do not wait, because later may be too late for you.

I want to give thanks to all the people from different churches that pray for me and all my Brothers in Christ that are here with me.   Thank you.  Thanks to all your prayers, God has touched my heart and keeps blessing me.  Everything happens on God’s time, not ours.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  When God has his children and is molding them, he does not stop until he is done.  As for me, my God has not yet finished molding me!  The clown is now saved!  Amen.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can write to encourage my friend, Julio Bonilla, a “lifer” at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA.  You must use a plain white envelope, and you must put his DOC # directly after his name on the first line of the address.  You must use a return address, or it won’t be delivered to him…but, if you prefer, you can use my ministry return address: Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927

Julio A. Bonilla  JW1561,                  SCI Dallas       1000 Follies Rd.         Dallas, PA  18612


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