The Discipline of Change, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Sometimes I’m insensitive, in hopes that you would acknowledge my pain. Even when encouraging and trying not to mix my words to you… I end up speaking to ME. So when I say foolish things it may be a reflection of myself and a deep need, or a good attempt at self correction.

Even when among a multitude of friends and advisers, consulting of things in life, I fish for broad perspectives but always rely on confusion or peace as judges; this is my Urim and Thumim (terms from the Hebrew Bible that refer to two objects used by the high priests to reveal the will of God).

At times I feel free to speak but even with this freedom I should curb my tongue, for some ask questions with motives and intentions to use or misuse when a perfect time has come. So when God reveals to me my own character flaws, like my recent carelessness with one of His, I should be faithful even when in duress. I will challenge myself to allow for guidance and I must chose from many guides.

So, I pray, “Who will teach by following You, oh Lord, their examples will be in my eyes. Instruction in their breath, at which I must become aware for who knows where the Spirit goes, it can go anywhere? Let Your Word oh Lord, determine how I feel, my choice and preference. Let Your Word, oh Lord, hold court in my soul and there set precedent. Let me incline, for You’ve come down to me, let me be allowed to hear and show more sensitivity. I want to delight in You in everything I do. In word or deed let me break ground or plant seed and expect You to bring growth.”

The discipline of change can be seen as an agent of pain and truly nothing is constant but that. So I’ll grow to the full measure and the stature of my King. Though yet a prince I’m not exempt from hurt and suffering. His obedience unto death gives me reliance to live, and empowers me to be truly free… His family, God’s kid.

From glory to glory, from faith to faith I must display an equal mood from day to day in every way to show my gratitude. From thin skin to thick and rough to smooth edge, I’ll be more caring.  God bless.

By Alexis Rodriguez

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