The Grave Robber, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Greed steals the life of it’s possessor, and the grave is greediest of all. It steals it’s own and what’s yours. Generosity on the other hand gives and keeps on giving, such as The Giver of Life, who gave Himself as a sacrifice to end all sacrifices, He died to give us life.

Putting on a spiritual body He ripped away victory from the jaws of defeat! In submission, like a lamb to be slaughtered, He fulfilled all the requirements of Justice, being examined by the law and was found innocent. His innocence now is imputed unto all who accept His pure life, His awful death, and it’s required we believe He rose from the dead.

For what would be of our faith? Would it even be a faith that saves? He laid His life down and was powerful to take it back. No one took it, He willingly gave it and with authority robbed the grave!

By Alexis Rodriguez

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