The Rock, by Robert Zukowski

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The Rock

Upon a mountain’s long hard climb

I tend to lose my way.

Escaping from a mighty pit

And all its evil sway.

I struggle as I take each step,

Sometimes I fall back down.

Yet still I seek its precipice

Where all my hope is found.


Evil hands reach out to grab me,

The ones I knew before.

I know they’ll lead me to my death,

That’s all they’re worthy for.

I take ahold upon a rock,

His standings firm and sure.

And just beyond His brilliant light

I find an open door.


I know that when I reach the top

I’ll find the peace I seek.

Till then I know each step I take

Is filled with flesh so weak.

I need the Rock to give me strength,

His standing is of old.

The Rock I hold is Jesus Christ,

My debts to sin are sold.


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