The Untold Truth of the 2018 PA Prison Lockdown, by David Ludwig

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Let’s talk about the two ton elephant in the room!

After having the entire PA prison system  (over 46,000 people) locked down for over 8 days, the DOC has released some very interesting data, which is available on their website:, and it states:

“From January to June 2018 the Department saw 2,034 drug incidents involving 1,802 inmates. Of these incidents, 309 involved mail & visitors.”

That means less than 16% of the drug incidents involve the mail or visitation, yet all of the major changes to policy & procedure the DOC is implementing involve the mail & visitation!! What about the other 84% of the incidents? Where are those coming from? Well the DOC listed the following 7 different methods in which drugs may be introduced into the institutions:

  1. Mail
  2. Legal Mail
  3. Visits
  4. Staff
  5. Books/Publications
  6. Drones
  7. New Commits ( new inmates)

So areas 1,2,3, & 5 account for only 16%…so the majority, 84%,  are coming from 3 areas; Drones, New Commits, & Staff.

Drones must be very rare considering there hasn’t been any news reports of them being used at PA prisons (unless the DOC is concealing that information). New commits generally are coming from county prisons and are all ALWAYS strip searched & quarantined during the intake process.

Virtually 84% of the problem is coming from the final area…THE STAFF!  Isn’t that the two ton elephant in the room?  Why isn’t the biggest part of the problem the focus of their reform efforts? Why all of the misdirection and expense, if it is only targeting 16% of the problem?

Shouldn’t the taxpayers dollars and the  DOC’s efforts be directed primarily to the main problem areas, the 84%? Why can’t they stop drugs from entering through the staff?  What new guidelines and procedures are they willing to implement to police their own?

Instead the PA DOC is paying a private company in Florida to process mail, paying DOC employees to order & limit books (the #1 source of information and education), and pay salaries for double the number of staff to man visitation rooms…all of that for 16% of the problem.

If  you would like to help me and many other inmates in our efforts to end the serious drug problem in the PA prison system, please make your feelings known by contacting  Pennsylvania Governor Wolf or Pennsylvania DOC Secretary Wetzel.  Share these facts  with them.  And, suggest that they deal with the big problem and implement procedures that truly prevent any staff member from bringing in drugs for their personal profit.  Many lives are ruined by these drugs in society; let’s end the problem in the PA prison system!

by David Ludwig

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