The Worst That Could Happen?

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Sometimes someone  will say something to me that I just can’t forget.  I’ll  bet it has happened to you a number of times, too.  Let me tell you how it happened…I was at a fundraising dinner for Liberty Ministries, a Bible-based  residency program for recently released prisoners, sitting next to a mother of an inmate.  Her son will never be released because he is a JLWOP (Juvenile Lifer Without Parole).  She told me this story…

Her son had just completed his incarceration at the State Correctional Institute Pine Grove Pennsylvania, which is the first stop for juvenile offenders who committed a serious crime, so that they can become acclimated to prison life before they are mixed in with the population of adults at a regular State penitentiary. Now her son was being transferred to a state prison, where he would be dealing with adult inmates of all ages, and he was very frightened.

This young man was calling his mother every day prior to his transfer, and his mother made him promise to call her after his first night in the new surroundings. Both of them were worried about his safety; anything from rape to beatings or worse was possible–as many stories will document. But when that day came, he called his mother and told her that he was okay. She said to him, “I was so worried, so afraid that the worst would happen, that you would be raped or killed!”

The young man replied, “Really mom, that’s not the worst thing that could happen”. The startled mother quickly asked, “what is the worst that could happen?” He replied, in a very small voice, “Being forgotten!”

This conversation was an eye opener for me, and I relate the story to you, hoping that you will remember to stay in touch with your fellow Christians behind bars.  Whether it’s a family member, or friend, or someone from your church, or from your school, perhaps a neighbor from down the street, anyone you know of behind bars would be blessed by a simple birthday card or Christmas card and I urge you to do it before you forget!

This website,, is dedicated to encouraging Christian Fellowship with those behind bars, who truly need our fellowship, to help them remember that God cares for each one of us! Please join with us by using our Birthday Card Program and Christmas Card Program to brighten the life of other Christians.  The information you need to send encouraging cards is located under the “Programs” button on the menu bar. If you wish to add names of those you know, just follow the simple instructions, and they will be added to the existing lists. It only takes a few minutes, and there are no fees or charges associated with our programs.

A small effort on your part can bring a caring message of encouragement for  fellow Christians. Remember–being forgotten is the worst that could happen!



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