Virtue Reality by Alexis Rodriguez

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Hold on, my eyes have not adjusted. Wait a minute, it’s not my eyes… it’s my brain. Are we really walking hand in hand or am I going to awaken sweating with heart racing in this place again? I think I’ll imagine myself conscious and deliberately enjoying the modesty of grass meeting my bare feet. Would you like to join me in a moment of spontaneous sharing without impunity? No, don’t disengage. Let us continue our walk. No need to close your eyes, just think us into your personal space where you’re in control and the end result is always a smile on your face. Would that be worth while? Stay, my eyes will become accustomed to seeing you as you truly are. Please don’t be surprised when you see…the real me.


As the scales of incarceration fall from my eyes I see myself surrounded by an imprisoned world. My sight informs me of things unreal, not lasting and natural. These things that humanity is driven to chaos by. I try to fit in, an ex-slave set free from the tentacles of what is desirous and actually needed in this life. “But I am not of this world!” I say…Yet in my frustrating journey to a greater commonwealth, the realization of this pilgrimage is sometimes laughable. Those really are the most enjoyable of moments, when the resisted temptation is overcome to demonstrate the true measure of the man. I can now see how I was borne on the wings of an eagle and removed from systematic languidness.


Absorbed by the Light, I walk beside, always enjoying His presence. All things are light here. This is a shadow-less place. There is no natural light here and yet every color of the spectrum is seen in complete and pure brilliance within its true intention. I realize all things are now a reflection of His beauty, oh what a marvelous kingdom! To be redeemed, loved fully and know it. What knowledge! To have access to a Holy assemblage and be connected, even now. Much pleasure for the foretaste of things to come. Thank you.

By Alexis Rodriguez, BH6734,   SCI Dallas    1000 Follies Rd.     Dallas, PA    18612

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