Walk by Faith, Not by Sight!, by Christopher Conchado

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One day Jesus and His disciples got into a boat on the sea.  He said to them let us go to the other side.  As they were going, Jesus had gotten tired, so He went into the back of the boat, laid down on a pillow and went to sleep.

The disciples continued on, but suddenly a huge storm arose, and they knew it was big trouble.  The situation got worse, and the boat began to take on water from the waves crashing onto it.  The wind was blowing so fiercely that the boat was quickly filling up with water, and was about to sink. 

They became fearful for their lives, and finally they went to Jesus, who was resting while all of this was happening.   They woke Him and said “Don’t you even care that this storm is going to kill us?”  Fear and panic overtook them until they realized salvation (Jesus) was on the boat.  He delivered them into a great calm after telling them “Let’s go to the other side.”

This story blesses me so much because a storm is raging in my life right now.  My children whom I love more than anything in this world, do not care to speak to me.  Can you imagine?  The pain and heartache is unbelievable.  Day after day, month after month, year after year, there’s a constant yearning in my heart to be reunited with them.  I’m always wondering about how they’re doing, what’s going on in their lives, what are their hopes and dreams, relationships and careers.  I’m always wanting to share with them my experiences, things I’ve learned in life.  I just want to be a father to them so badly.  I want to be there for them when they go through stuff, in order to encourage and motivate them, loving and nurturing them into their fullest potential and more.

I believe they need me in their lives.  Maybe this sounds narcissistic or proud, but who better could love and support them than their father?  All the things a father hopes for their children, I want so badly to partake in by sharing their experiences, whether good or bad.  Not a moment goes by that I don’t want to be with them.  My heart constantly cries out in broken agony until we are re-connected as God intends.

For me, it’s vital to have faith, believing that salvation is in the boat with me in this storm.  He said we’ll make it through to the other side.  Believing the Lord’s word gives me a quiet confidence and peace – a great calm.  You see, God has given me promises concerning my children.  For examples He said:  “I will fight against whoever fights against you and I will rescue your children.”  (Isaiah 46:25)  “The children of your servants will live in safety and under your protection, and their descendants will be secure.”  (Psalms 102:28)  “The Lord blesses the family of the righteous.”  (Proverbs 3:33)  “The seed of the righteous will be delivered.”  (Proverbs 11:21) 

My trust is in God!  Jesus has completed the work of reconciliation, so I can patiently rest with peace being assured, fully confident because all of God’s promises are yes and amen in Christ.

Beloved of God, if at any moment I take my eyes off of Jesus I begin to sink into the depths of despair and heartache, wondering if I’ll ever speak to them again.  It reminds me of how Peter started to sink when he took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm.  Every moment, every day, every month, and every year, I plan to keep my eyes fixed on Him as this adventurous journey of faith in this broken world goes on.  If God is for me, who can prevail against me?

So, I believe my children are in route back to me by faith.  God is to be trusted and it’s all because of Jesus.  Be blessed.

By Christopher Conchado, a member of “The L.A.M.B. (Leading All Men to Brotherhood) Squad; a ministry whose members reside at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA.

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