Wayne J. Testimony

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I have always chosen to do the right thing, 
but then there is something inside of me that chose to do wrong.
Ever since I tasted cocaine and broke up our happy home.

I know that I was instructed not to use it but now I know why
Because My eyes instantly came open and that very moment I died.

Died to my old way of thinking and became wicked and full of sin.
Because I had awakened the sinful beast that lurks deep from within.
Because another door had open up inside of me 
that made me chase after sexual immorality
Also I had a craving for all kinds of evil desires 
that I had a choice between the water and the fire.
So the war between Good and evil had finally begun
and Satan was winning because I stayed on the run

Using drugs and committing all kinds of crimes 
until I found myself doing a whole lot of prison time
I died to my sinful nature and God lead me to seek a change
I started to read the Bible and to call on Jesus’ name. 

The poor spirit in me started to grow stronger
As he would slowly feed me to take away my hunger.
A worldly hunger that ever since that day 
I tasted it and went astray.
The Lord is renewing my mind now and I use self-control.  
Instead of using drugs and alcohol.

Thank God for Jesus,


Editor’s Note:  We thank Wayne for his heartfelt testimony and his willingness to share it with our readers.  In order to protect his identity for him and his family, we have chosen to redact his last name, in keeping with our guidelines for identity protection.

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