Writing Life’s Story From Inside the Pen, by Michael Arce, Jr.

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It all started on that June of 1984

When Mickey was born to a dead-beat and a whore

Mickey should have been their bundle of pride and joy

Since, coincidentally, he was their first born boy


Instead it was the beginning of a story that hasn’t end

Cuz that boy is writing his life’s story from inside the pen

He’s hoping you have an ear you might wanna lend

Cuz the more you listen, the more you gonna comprehend


Life ain’t always what it’s made out to be

Especially when all you have are diabolic memories

Mickey’s parents were incapable of raising their son

Cuz they were caught up in sex, drugs, money and guns


So instead of raising their son as it was supposed to be done

They chose to give him up for adoption when he was only one

So Mickey was taken under the wings of a complete stranger

Too young to realize he would face imminent dangers


Like getting physically, verbally, and mentally abused

And the more it happened, the more he got confused

Asking himself,”Why is all this happening to me?”

When in reality, I didn’t even ask to be conceived


As Life moved on and minutes turned to hours

Mickey became more bitter, angry and sour

You see all Mickey wanted in life was to be loved

Or if that was too much, he would have at least liked a hug

Instead all he got was the cold shoulder, everyone just shrugged


So it became clear and it sank into Mickey’s brain

That his life’s only meaning was to suffer and go through pain

To ease that pain from his lack of affection and love

He drowned his sorrows turning to gangs, sex, alcohol and drugs


At first glance the solution seemed great

But little did he know that it was one of life’s many baits

Cuz the more he drank, did drugs, and got involved in the game

The worse his problems became causing him to go insane


Mickey got caught up in some things he shouldn’t have done

The worst decision he made was to pick up a gun

Now he finds himself indicted, thrown in a small cell

In jail, crying, and trying to post bail


But his bail was set real high, it was close to half a mil

It was as if someone had really been killed

Mickey’s in there stressin, thinking about what he did

Wondering why should he even continue to live


He knew once the gavel went down, it was on to a lengthy bid

What’s worse is that he had a wife and three kids

Mickey is devastated about what his life became

He thought that in cutting corners, there was much more to gain

In reality, all it brought was more pain, disgrace and shame

That’s the steep price you pay for living life in the fast lane


EDITOR’S NOTE:  If you are like me, you can hear and feel this man’s pain.  His poem was written 3 years ago when he was feeling truly down and out…recently, his sister told me a little of his story, and I began writing to him, and he is writing back…He is intelligent and articulate, and he knows that he went down the wrong path, as you can tell from his poem.  He could use some kind-hearted encouragement, so if you would like to send him a note, please address with name and DOC # on the first line:  Michael Arce, KR9642, SCI Coal Twp., 1 Kelley Drive, Coal Township, PA 17866-1020


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