You Are Not A Mistake!

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Lex Rodriguez 2015


By: Alex Rodriguez,   June, 2015

(Psalm 139:14)

Mistake after mistake, failure after failure.  Don’t be so hard on yourself–but know that it is perhaps because of “self” that you cannot attain what you desire.  See, we are taught that an A+, 100%, and/or a “happy-face” is perfection.  Man, how I used to love those little stickers my teacher would use.

Inventors know the realization of trial-and-error, and even after hundreds of so called failures, all it takes is one “eureka” moment.  It is God who brings out “the good”, even from many of our mistakes.

Some failures can  lead you straight to the FATHER.  Don’t lead your life always looking for the perfect grade; that’s a symptom of pride, but rather know that your FATHER in heaven is perfect and has perfected you (that is, made you mature) enough to know that all He has made is good–and YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE.

Reprinted from “The Epistle”, a monthly publication of the SCI Dallas Protestant Christian Community.

By: Alex Rodriguez,  June 2015

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