• Land Ho, by Alexis Rodriguez I questioned my family "How can you sleep at a time like this"? Isn't that careless I'd be remiss. I said to another; "during the revolution" So, then I Read More

  • The Free Library, by Alexis Rodriguez In the heart of the most impoverished neighborhood in North Philly is a treasure only some know of, the library near 6th and Lehigh in the Fairhill section. The Read More

  • Happy Mothers Day, by Wayne P. Johnson Dear Momma I never meant to break your heart By hangin’ out in the dark And I know I should have known better Because you always told me to Read More

Land Ho, by Alexis Rodriguez

I questioned my family "How can you sleep at a time like this"? Isn't that careless I'd be remiss. I said to another; "during the revolution"

The Free Library, by Alexis Rodriguez

In the heart of the most impoverished neighborhood in North Philly is a treasure only some know of, the library near 6th and Lehigh in the

Happy Mothers Day, by Wayne P. Johnson

Dear Momma I never meant to break your heart By hangin’ out in the dark And I know I should have known better Because you always

A Brother’s Plea for Alexis Rodriguez

On May 21, 1989 my brother was arrested along with Juan G. (a juvenile) for his alleged involvement in a fight which resulted in the death

Attachment, by Alexis Rodriguez

Have you ever eaten at a fancy five-star restaurant, perhaps after hearing or being informed of its reception, service and food? How about trying something your

Life, by Alexis Rodriguez

What would you do if you saw life pass you by? Would you chase her, or wait for the day that you’ll again see each other?

Despite Fear, We Still Move Forward in Christ, by Willie J. Gooding

My name is Willie J. Gooding and as a believer confined in the State of Pennsylvania, my faith, like many men and women in my predicament

Wayne J. Testimony

I have always chosen to do the right thing, but then there is something inside of me that chose to do wrong. Ever since I tasted

PA Inmate Update Covid-19, by Rick DiLaurenzo

This information appears as a public service for the family and friends of inmates in the PA State Prison System.  The website: https://www.cor.pa.gov/Pages/COVID-19.aspx    has information that is

PrisonMentoring.com–A Fellowship of Joy, By Rick DiLaurenzo

As Christians, we often think of fellowship as something that happens at our church, or our small group meetings, or perhaps at Bible study classes.  Many

New Video Visitation for PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

The following information is available on the PADOC website, and is reproduced here as a public service: VIDEO VISITATION VISITOR GUIDE Video Visitation – Video visitation

Revelation, by Carmella

Little girl, two years old, locked in a dark room with another man Who’s supposed to be dad. She cries but don’t no one care.  

My Testimony, by Robert Z.

In here the battle of my mind not only has to deal with my spiritual and moral battle, but it has to fight the urge of

Our Place and Privileges, by Alexis Rodriguez

I will not submit to lifelong misfortune being hounded by wrong thinking. I’ve decided to accept my legal standing before God through the finished works of

Sunday, by Alexis Rodriguez

  Is it going to be any better today, Sunday? The day every good Christian is up earlier than most to attend their weekly service. A

Benumbed, by Alexis Rodriguez

Today I’m sitting beside myself after asking, “Can I come in?” I don’t want to be loved widely… but wildly by just one person, I say.

A Stranger’s Eyes, by Robert Zukowski

Into a mirror I did see A stranger’s eyes staring back at me. I notice he looks a lot like me. His bloodshot eyes and a

Satisfied But Not Settling, by Alexis Rodriguez

Paul says in Philippians 4:11 “…for I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content”. My locality must not sway my emotions to

Who Do You Think You Are? by Chris Conchado

“Who do you think you are?” Maybe someone has said this to you or possibly you may have even said this to someone else. What is

Carmella Klotz-Cooper’s Testimony

My name is Carmella Klotz-Cooper.  I am twenty-two years old.  I have three children, but my oldest, Kimberly, never took a breath outside the womb, but

Segregated Congregation, by Robert Zurkowski

“Sir, I am so sorry, but we cannot allow a person with your type of crime to attend here, as it upsets the congregation.”  “Every idle

His Banner Over Me is Love, by Alexis Rodriguez

My Lord’s love has become as a Consuming Fire in righteous indignation against all who oppose me–especially the enemy. His Holy Love has come to my

Light to Darkness, by Carmella Klotz-Cooper

Counting down the days like a man counts down his calories Still a while to go. Outside is shining but inside I’m drowning, trapped in a

Christian Ministry Work in Prison, by Charles Diehl

There are 10 blocks here at State Correctional Institute (SCI) Mahanoy.  Each block has two pods, A & B. Each pod, ideally, has a Protestant pod

Consent to Ascend, by Alexis Rodriguez

If God takes care of the birds of the air, how much more will He take care of you! What was meant for harm will bring

Christmas and Birthday Cards for Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

Simple gestures of Christian Fellowship can mean so much to believers in prison. Just receiving an encouraging note or card from a fellow Christian can bring

The Grave Robber, by Alexis Rodriguez

Greed steals the life of it’s possessor, and the grave is greediest of all. It steals it’s own and what’s yours. Generosity on the other hand

What Does Consistency Look Like to You? by Willie Gooding

Growing up the way the I did in an impoverished neighborhood with five siblings and two parents in my household (until the death of my father

A Boost From Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

I am not much of a swimmer, but I do understand “When I pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers,

God Sends Friends, by Alexis Rodriguez

I want to thank you, so many of you, for supporting me during these years of need. I have no faces to place on so many

Why Not Religion, by Christopher Conchado

Why is it that when the word religion is mentioned contention arises? Is there a subject that breeds more animosity and strife than religion? Well politics

God’s Free Gift–Priceless! by Alexis Rodriguez

To KNOW the will of God we must know the WORD of God. Many believe that the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” is in

One Sacrifice, by Robert Zukowski

A leather whip to rip and tear, Tied to a post, no mercy prayer. Each metal tip bites flesh and bone, Each vicious blow, our sins

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, by Julio Bonilla

My story is about what happens when you have to do time in prison.  I especially want to explain what doing that time means with your

The Rock, by Robert Zukowski

The Rock Upon a mountain’s long hard climb I tend to lose my way. Escaping from a mighty pit And all its evil sway. I struggle

My High Priest, by Alexis Rodriguez

God desires to heal my longings every ache He feels with me. His Son Jesus my High Priest human, man, every degree. He has been touched

Christian Ministry in Prison, by Charles Diehl

We are blessed to have two Godly chaplains here at the State Correctional Institute (SCI) at Mahanoy in Pennsylvania. They love Jesus and they love us

The Mission Work of Incarcerated Christians, by Alexis Rodriguez

 The Mission Committee of the State Correctional Institute (SCI) at Dallas, PA  had our service Wednesday night where all the men shared concerning the mission they

God’s Provision–Our Decision, by Chris Conchado

As born again believers we have the opportunity to find out all of what God has done for us. All that He has blessed us with,

Streets, by Alexis Rodriguez

I have this unseen hope, deep calls out to deep. Like a screaming waterfall, with tones I cannot speak. I well up in tears, and then

To Be Loved, by Alexis Rodriguez

More than to have riches is my deepest desire. To love as I am loved or excel my lovers fire. To transmute my previous living behind

Inside Looking Out, by Robert Zukowski

On the day that I got saved, I didn’t realize that I had made a big mistake:  I had put my salvation way ahead of God’s

One Day at a Time, by Chris Conchado

How do we do it? How do we manage to maintain a sound mind while confined to prison facing 20, 30, 40 years or more? Even

Praying Behind Bars, By Vincent Franklin and Rick DiLaurenzo

In many prisons, there are groups of active Christians who participate in spiritual activities that are never portrayed on television or reported in the news.  Christians

Heaven is My Home, by Chris Conchado (L.A.M.B. Squad)

Home is the one place where we all want to be when we need rest and peace. It is where we are most comfortable and can

Losing the Body or Losing the Soul? By Willie Gooding (L.A.M.B. Squad)

  Psalms 49:8-9 says, “For a soul is far too precious to be ransomed by merely earthly wealth. There is not enough of it in all

Easter Sunday 2019, by Alexis Rodriguez

Perfection, communing with the divine before the beginning of the end. My body was beautiful, no wrong no decay in the garden. I heard His voice,

Ashes to Redemption, by Robert Zukowski

My testimony is long, as it has been a constant battle between Satan and God for my soul, with God always winning, of course.  I’ll try

The Discipline of Change, by Alexis Rodriguez

Sometimes I’m insensitive, in hopes that you would acknowledge my pain. Even when encouraging and trying not to mix my words to you… I end up

Peace Perspective, by Alexis Rodriguez

  Shalom, is a very beautiful word in Hebrew, from the root “to be safe” (mind, body, estate). Furthermore, its rich meaning consists of health, prosperity,

Your Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

Your Grace is sufficient, I WILL NOT DIE! Your Grace is sufficient although some deny. Your Grace is sufficient, when hungry, athirst Your Grace is sufficient

Super Abounding Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

The streams of Grace will never dry always they’re strong, never receding. Though sometimes are low and even shallow they are never gone as if to

Audacious, by Alexis Rodriguez

The audacity of God that He would save a sinner such as I! “Son of David have mercy on me!” Was my continuous cry. “Shut up”

Going Through It, by Alexis Rodriguez

“Change the way you look at things and what you look at will change”, sing a song in sorrow and your sadness rearrange. You’re not breaking

The Next Step, by Alexis Rodriguez

The author describes the need to follow up on the First Step Initiative to eliminate racial and ethnic differences in the way Justice is applied to

“A Beauty That the Eye Can’t See” by Alexis Rodriguez

Years have come and years have gone and some still wake before the dawn, in prison cells so all alone reaping what their lives have sown.

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight!, by Christopher Conchado

One day Jesus and His disciples got into a boat on the sea.  He said to them let us go to the other side.  As they

Victory Through The Blood, by Sherman Sullivan

My name is Sherman Sullivan, and blessed am I to be given a platform through the Ministries associated with the L.A.M.B. Squad to share my testimony. 

After Years of Faking It, by Larry Kemp

I am originally from Portland, Oregon, but I moved to the Philadelphia area in 1993.    My parents were living in south Jersey, and they asked me

Alive Forevermore, by Alexis Rodriguez

Like a new born opening its lungs, drawing in the initial breath or Lazarus wondering, how, when called, he overcame death. Like the egg and the

Our Lives Matter, by David Ludwig

Like a lot of people, I knew God when I was young…but that “god” was a “god of rules and regulations; of old miserable people, of

Take a Moment to Think, by Chris Conchado

Do you ever feel like there’s more to life than the things this world offers?  Have you ever looked around yourself and all that you have

Sufficient Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

Does our decay renew a way an outlet from our pains? Our body sways yet our mind stays in Christ to die is gain. Humanity searches

My New View of Life, by Mario Diaz Maldonado

My name is Mario Diaz Maldonado.  I am forty-three years old.  I have been incarcerated for the past twenty-one years of my life on a sentence

How To Send Money To PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

Everything a Pennsylvania inmate needs; clothing, snacks, personal grooming items, coats and jackets, shoes and socks, email messaging units, books, music for their tablets, etc. must

How To Send Email to PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

I have received a number of requests asking how to set up an account to email Pennsylvania inmates.  Here are the step by step instructions so

Being Christian, by Mitchell Diventura

I am Eastern Orthodox Christian.  Being human, we can make any decision we want in life – right or wrong.  And, we suffer the consequences of

To Be The Person I Was Created To Be, by Kyle Wireman

Hello, my name is Kyle Wireman.  I am thirty years old, from Bucks County, PA, and I am currently serving a 4.5-9 year sentence in state

From Darkness to Light, by Alexis Rodriguez

As a young boy I was raised in a strict “morally religious” atmosphere,  and attended church almost every night. I didn’t want to fit in, I

The Untold Truth of the 2018 PA Prison Lockdown, by David Ludwig

Let’s talk about the two ton elephant in the room! After having the entire PA prison system  (over 46,000 people) locked down for over 8 days,

New (2018) Rules for Mail to PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

The PA Department of Corrections (PA DOC) instituted a statewide lock down of all state correctional facilities on August 29,2018, in response to reports of multiple

I Am Your Healing and Deliverance, by Christopher Conchado

I was truly moved by brother Jacob’s testimony (see: “The Worst of Us, by Jacob Curie).  I have a very similar one myself.  His story details

Virtue Reality by Alexis Rodriguez

Hold on, my eyes have not adjusted. Wait a minute, it’s not my eyes… it’s my brain. Are we really walking hand in hand or am

Paradox City, by Alexis Rodriguez

Eden’s end has brought me here all alone, to see You Seer. Tell me, have you planned this all along? To bring forth praise, tumultuous throng?

The Worst of Us, by Jacob Currie

  Sometimes God takes the worst of us, and shows us mercy, to reveal his patience and strength. So that seeing this others might be saved

Summertime, Summertime by Alexis Rodriguez

Reading an article by Helen Ubiñas, from The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 17, 2018 (♪Happy birthday to me♪…) she writes about my old neighborhood, with a picture

I Am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, by Alexis Rodriguez

Where is my sin, where is my shame?! To free me from my guilt, you came.   You made alive what once was dead stepping on

Who Are the Boys Behind Bars? by Ed Spencer

Who are the “Boys Behind Bars”, and can a mentor truly make a difference? These boys come from many different cultures and backgrounds; and they commit

Restored, by Alexis Rodriguez

The love of GOD purges all the guilt the walls, defenses that all hurt built. Mistakes you’ve made have brought you here where now you’re told

It’s Never Too Late!, by Michael Lee

They say that ninety nine percent of all living things can and do control ninety nine percent of everything that makes them living, breathing creatures.  The

The Reality of Prison Ministry, by Rick DiLaurenzo

The truth is…a decade ago I never would have guessed that I would be celebrating 5 years of prison ministry!  I would have believed that any

Peace, by Alexis Rodriguez

Peace to your anxious heart, peace when you lose control, Peace when you feel incomplete and full of holes. Peace when you cannot pray. Peace when

My Real Friend, by Julio Bonilla

What I am about to tell you today is not a story.  I am telling you the truth. A lot of bad things have happened to

Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice That Restores, by Dominique Gilliard, Interview by Morgan Lee, Christianity Today, March 2018

Two centuries ago, philanthropist Elizabeth Fry visited an English prison and left horrified by the filthy conditions. Driven by her Christian faith, Fry spent her life

Parole for Worthy ‘lifers’in PA, By Rick DiLaurenzo

Senator Sharif Street has sponsored SB942. If passed, it would allow some worthy “Lifers” in Pennsylvania at least a chance at a parole hearing.  The letter

Seeking Outrageous Grace for Challenging Burdens, by Josoph Henry

My most challenging burdens are things I do not want my church community to know or pray about.  Some things are yearned for intensely, but are

Mental Health and the Incarcerated, by Alexis Rodriguez

I’m going to speak of the unspeakable; depression. Especially when it comes to “macho men”, this topic is taboo. Well let me tell you personally it’s

Religious Freedom Under Attack in PA–Please Help! by David Ludwig

On February 9, 2018,  the Deacon Board (10 men) of the SCI Dallas Protestant Church were called to the Chapel by Chaplains Jackson & Houck for

A Mentor’s Miracle! by Rick DiLaurenzo

I have been blessed with a Miracle!  There is no other explanation! It happened like this… About three years ago, a routine blood test revealed that

“Security” by Willie J. Gooding of Lamb Squad Ministries

2 Corinthians 5:19 Security I testify to all who will read my life experience…I’ve endured and overcome a lie concerning the spirit of “security.”  My prayers

“Security” by Alexis Rodriguez of Lamb Squad Ministries

2 Corinthians 5:19 Security Blanket? As a young boy of twelve or thirteen I was indestructible, running anywhere and doing almost anything, except when it came

Mentoring Works Both Ways!, by Michael Arce, Jr.

The Webster’s definition of a mentor is: “A person looked upon for wise advice and guidance. A mentor can also be sought after for spiritual or

Fair Weather Friends, Alexis Rodriguez

  In the dead of Winter when all is white most see nothing but the darkest of night. Won’t venture off in snow and cold no

Should Christians Support Parole for Worthy “Lifers”, by David Mandeville

Currently there are two bills before the Pennsylvania General Assembly regarding parole for lifers.  They are House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 942.  There is not

Shining Light Ministries at SCI Dallas 2017, by Carroll A. Watkins

Words can’t adequately convey the power of these very special  weeks in our lives!  This institution  has never experienced what Shining Light Ministries brought to this

Merry Christmas to All, by Alexis Rodriguez

To my PrisonMentoring.com family… Words do not begin to define the gratitude I have for each one of you! First, to my mentor Rick & his

PA Prison System…Did You Know? By David Ludwig

1)  In 2015 the offender population decreased by 842 inmates, which represents the greatest one-year decline in population in the last 40 years. 2)  Between 2005-2009

The Battle is The Lord’s, by Alexis Rodriguez

Feelings of elation forge ahead in hand to hand combat against depressive thoughts with their siege machines. Catapults manned by repressive anger hurling images from so

Boys Behind Bars, ‘Josh’, by Ed Spencer

Many people who have not experienced “behind-the-bars” prison ministry have a TV-produced impression of prison… a violent place, where people who have no value or importance

The Clown’s New Name, by Julio Bonilla

Yes, it’s me, the clown of the group that everyone follows.  The one that they all like to hang out with.  Yes, the clown that everybody

Risky Good Deeds, by Josoph Henry

I felt God encourage me to do something good after a fellow inmate criticized a block officer.  I thought Guy (not his real name) had successfully

I Believe in You, by Alexis Rodriguez

I am not normal, nor reasonable…(ask those who know me) I talk to angels. I speak to an invisible Person on a daily basis “within ceasing”

Derek–A Lifer Tells His Story, by Derek Jones

I have been incarcerated at SCI Dallas since January 31, 1991.  I was arrested on December 6, 1989 on homicide charges and have been in prison

Evangelism Behind Bars, by Alexis Rodriguez

  My name is Alexis Rodriguez, and I’m a resident at the State Correctional Institute (SCI) at Dallas, Pa.  Christians here have a church that is

Julio–A Lifer Tells His Story, by Julio Bonilla

Greetings, my name is Julio Bonilla, and I am twenty-eight years old.  As of 2017, I have been incarcerated for eight years for homicide.   My sentence

“The Unwritten Rules of Prison–Part 2”, by Michael Arce, Jr.

In society, we all learn to avoid the situations which usually bring us harm.  Inmate “society” has its own version of this set that we call

  “The Unwritten Rules of Prison–Part 1”, by Michael Arce, Jr.

In prison there are two sets of rules that we convicts should abide by and follow.  The first set of rules are the administration’s rules, and

An Inmate’s Testimony of Spiritual Freedom, by Willie J. Gooding

May God’s grace and peace be multiplied to you my Brothers and Sisters in Jesus’ name. My name is Willie J. Gooding, and I would like

“Stones” by Alexis Rodriguez

Archaeology,  theology, digging into God’s Word not a hobby, but reality; learning of love undeserved.   He is the Cornerstone, the builder rejected. He is the

The Journey From the Hole to the Honor Block, by Michael Arce, Jr.

The journey from the hole to the honor block was a roller coaster ride, to say the least.  To those who are not familiar with the

An Inmate’s View of Prison Jobs, By Michael Arce Jr.

For some inmates, a prison job does not make much difference to them.  They may not need it, or may not even want it.  They are

My Confession, by Alexis Rodriguez

Do you know who you are? You have the power of the sun, a living breathing star. As vapor rises and ice collides, molten rock liquefies.

Is Punishment Necessary? by Mitchell DiVentura

At one of our LOC III (Long term Offenders Corrections) program meetings we discussed the aspect of punishment as it relates to the crime(s) we have

Former felons find jobs and support to re-enter society.

The story behind the Second Chance Coffee company begins on a plantation in Brazil, where Pete Leonard was on a missionary trip in Brazil 12 years

After 36 Years in Prison, This Philadelphian Has a Model for Criminal Justice Reform, by Tom Dallessio, Next City Publisher

While serving what was supposed to be a life sentence in prison, Tyrone Werts was influential in bringing the The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program to Graterford

“P.S. Tell Someone About My Love For You!” by Alexis Rodriguez

Beloved Son, I was thinking of you so I sent someone to tell you so. I know you’ve been struggling to remove certain impediments and understand

New Task Force on PA Juvenile Life Sentences

HARRISBURG, Feb. 6 – State Reps. Jason Dawkins, D-Phila., and Seth Grove, R-York, will reintroduce their bipartisan resolution that would establish a task force on juvenile

Revealed by Your Heart, by Robert M. Baker

You look and you forget what you see, But is that how you feel; what you truly believe? The mirror image looking back at you, Dwell

Skip Speaks, “It’s Written on Your Heart”

To my beloved brothers at Prison Mentoring and all over the world, remember this: God has made it easy for us in the new covenant to

Lifer Lex–Women’s March on Washington

I am overwhelmed with emotions as I see the nation in turmoil, divided along racial lines, gender equality, economic stances. Not since the sixties has their

Boys Behind Bars–Alec’s Story, by Ed Spencer

Sadly, one of the young men we developed a relationship with, lost all hope took his own life last week. This is always a very hard

Psalm 151, by Alexis Rodriguez

“Lord, Lord, enough. I am overwhelmed by the way you love me.  You are too good to be true.  Your mercy is even better today; how

A Christmas Message From a Juvenile Lifer

Greetings to all the mentors at Prisonmentoring.com. Thank you for your efforts during the Christmas time and may it continue throughout the year. Look at one

Boys Behind Bars–A Teen’s Heart, by Ed Spencer

  The Golden Key to a Teen Boys Heart: Whether it’s a teen boy behind bars, a teen from a normal family, a teen from a

Boys Behind Bars–Boy’s Warehouse, by Ed Spencer

Who are the thousands of boys cast out from our society and warehoused like old merchandise on a shelf? How does this happen?  Some of them are

Boys Behind Bars–Josh’s Letter, by Ed Spencer

Every once in a while, as a prison friend and mentor, you receive a letter from a young inmate that is packed with an emotional bombshell.

Mike Inspires His Mentor! By Rick DiLaurenzo

After a two hour ride culminating in Pennsylvania’s coal mining towns of Minersville and Shamokin, we drove into the parking lot of the State Correctional Institute

One Year Later: PA DOC’s Great Leap Forward, by David Ludwig

I am currently sitting in my cell in a Pennsylvania prison called SCI Dallas, writing this article, on a specially made, seven inch tablet. That sentence is not

“Ruins Come to Life”, by Alexis Rodriguez

This short poem was written by an inmate sentenced as a juvenile to Life Without Parole.  He is an intelligent and sensitive friend, who shares his

Boys Behind Bars–The Pine Grove Experience, by Ed Spencer

What happens to a teen convicted of a violent crime in Pennsylvania? Once a boy, ages 12 through 18 is convicted and sentenced to a violent crime,

Boy’s Behind Bars–A Typical Visit, by Ed Spencer

We are often asked, what is a typical prison visit like? At Prison Mentoring we count it a privilege and a blessing to be able to

“Amazing Love”, by Alexis Rodriguez

Amazing love (Set to the tune of “Amazing Grace”) Amazing love, how sweet the taste, that set this prisoner free. When once in chains, oh how

Writing Life’s Story From Inside the Pen, by Michael Arce, Jr.

It all started on that June of 1984 When Mickey was born to a dead-beat and a whore Mickey should have been their bundle of pride

There’s No Place Like Heaven, by Brandon Bishop

  This is a story about John William Shea, an inmate at a state prison. He had been in prison for nearly three years, trying to

When Paths Are Washed Away, by Jordan Kauffmann

This summer I had the opportunity to go on vacation in Peru.  I spent four days hiking on the Salkantay Trail.  I was part of a

An Inmate’s Response to My Letter

Mike’s sister and family were worried about him, and they approached me and one of my ministry partners, Brian, in church to ask us to reach out to

Parole for Lifers in PA

History was made when The Honorable Jason Dawkins, State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 179th District rose to the floor of the General Assembly and introduced House Bill

Teens Serving Life Without Parole, by Ed Spencer

Boys Behind bars – Teens with JLWOP JLWOP Stands for Juveniles sentenced to Life without parole. There are 5,100 inmates in the Pa. prison system serving

According to His Purpose, by Josoph Henry

From Death Row to Deliverance When have I felt as if my life lacked purpose? Between 1989 and 1992,  there were many times when I felt

An Inmate Speaks About Fathers

During these times, I’m reminded of my father who passed away several years ago, and my grandfather who raised me. I am thoroughly moved by the

Banana Loaf Love, by Josoph Henry

    What does it mean to me to, “love your neighbor as yourself”?  (Leviticus 19:18, NIV)  It means do for others what I do for

Friendship Evangelism, by Josoph Henry

  Around 1987, in Bethlehem, PA’s Northampton County Prison (NCP), I shared Jesus with a Jewish guy. Tragically. he did not believe. I then told him

Who is the Mentor Here? by Ed Spencer

Spending time visiting with Christian prisoners has been an awesome experience for me and for our ministry partners. Learning to listen to them, praying with them, sharing the Word

The Lord is Gracious! by David Lahoz


Josh and the Prison Pup Program, by Ed Spencer

“Josh” has spent his entire teenage life behind bars. Yes, Josh made a horrific bad choice at age 13 and has been behind bars for 12

The Important Work of “New Person Ministries”

New Person Ministries is one of the very few halfway houses in PA that accepts paroled Sexual Offenders.  They do not automatically rule out someone because of

“25 Is The New 18”, by Tim Requarth (Newsweek)

Juvenile inmates stand in formation at East Lake Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles, California in October 2014. There are at least 2,500 people in the United

Like No Other, a poem by David Lahoz


Children Receiving Illegal Sentences In Society (C.R.I.S.I.S)

By: Alexis Rodriguez, serving Life Without Parole since age 18 (28 years) MENTAL HEALTH & THE INCARCERATED Children Receiving Illegal Sentences In Society (C.R.I.S.I.S.) I.  Pennsylvania

Freddi Responds to New Email System for PA

 GTL charges more per page of e-mail than JPay did. Also, those in the hole no longer have the “privilege” to receive the e-mails. I’m with

Crime and Punishment from CBS 60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes program, titled “Crime and Punishment” aired on CBS  on Sunday, 4/3/2016.  I highly recommend that you watch it…You can see this short piece by clicking on

Email Update for PA Prisoners

Using the new email system by GTL Corporation to message Pennsylvania inmates has proven somewhat difficult for many friends and family members.  Two weeks ago, I

“Love’s Story”, by Alexis Rodriguez

LOVE’S STORY Upon my heart are writings that no one’s yet to read. And every morning another with every breath I breathe.   Upon the wall,

Teens Are Not Yet Adults! by Ed Spencer

Matt was only 15 years old when the Judge’s gavel slammed down with a sentence of 30 to 60 years. Matt was tried as an adult

Alexis Rodriguez–A Brother’s Plea for Mercy!

As the waves crash day in day out, smashing away the faith, hope, in the life of the convicted fellow’s loved ones… Grief you claim is

New Email System for PA Inmates!

With service expected to begin March 15, 2016, inmates in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) will soon have the ability to exchange electronic messages with

“The Effect of the First Cause”, by Alex Rodriguez

Encapsulated, in this room, goodbye belated I’ll see you soon. Concealed within this concrete tomb is the young man that I was. He occupied a sacred

Can’t Unsee, by Lex Rodriguez

CAN’T UNSEE A young man stands arms stretched finger pointing long. An arrow towards my gaze both piercing. My YOUTH has become an accuser, saying; “You,

Thousands Like Me–The Supreme Courts Ruling on Juvenile Life Without Parole

By Xavier McElrath-Bey On January 25, the U.S. Supreme Court gave hope to thousands of individuals when they declared that Miller v Alabama is retroactively effective—meaning that

The Joy of Mentoring Brad, by Ed Spencer

  The first time that I met Brad was in the counseling room at the County Juvenile lock up. He had just turned 15 years of

Inmate Thanks for Christmas Card Program 2015

Letter of appreciation from an inmate to: The men who participated in the inmate Christmas card Encouragement program. I can’t begin to tell you how much

“Storm Riders” by Alexis Rodriguez

“STORM RIDERS” Every storm we ride has it’s own reward. Providence provides guidance towards a higher estate where heavenly hordes proclaim your destination. *************** Turn fear

“Josh” A follow-up, by Ed Spencer

Josh – Follow Up Story Recently in my latest communication with Josh, from the Story “The Insignificance of Josh”, Josh was excited to tell me that

Some Lifers in PA. Should be Eligible for Parole

Mass incarceration, community relations with the police, and the reintegration of ex-offenders into society are all hot political topics today. What has received less attention is

The Worst That Could Happen?

Sometimes someone  will say something to me that I just can’t forget.  I’ll  bet it has happened to you a number of times, too.  Let me

My Favorite Night of the Year

My Favorite night of the year Described by a young prison inmate, David,  JLWOP  ( A Juvenile Life without Parole) What this young man is describing

Most Gracious, by David Lahoz

Starting a life, I wake up making the best of this. Rising with the sun I pray for all, even they being those, they call the

Rick Speaks at Liberty Ministries Fundraiser

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen: My name is Rick DiLaurenzo, and I am happy to have the opportunity to speak with you tonight…what I have to

The Insignificance of Josh, by Ed Spencer and David Ludwig

About this story: Recently the issue of Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP) sentencing has received media attention due to US Supreme Court hearings on the constitutionality

Encourage Me Now–Be a Mentor! by Ed Spencer

AUTHOR’S NOTE: To a few young inmates, I am a mentor or a “Religious Advisor”, to use a Department of Corrections (DOC) term. To other young

5 Reasons to Act Now on Juvenile Justice Reform

5 Reasons to Act Now on Juvenile Justice Reform By Kerry Bolger, PhD (Public Interest Government Relations Office) Did you know that the U.S. incarcerates more

Mentoring Interview with Jonathan Lewis, Liberty Ministries

Editor’s Note: In this article, Jonathan Lewis shares his perspectives on mentoring recently released men who are residents at Liberty Ministries 12 month residential aftercare program.

Reasons Why Teen Boys Commit Violent Crimes

Reasons Why Teen Boys commit Violent Crimes. (from the mouths of JLWOPs / Juvenile Life Without Parole inmates) Submitted by Ed Spencer, who has mentored teens

Out The Box, by David Lahoz

No longer confined to mind as 1 climb to my rise, by HIS shine leaving what is left of me behind for that box tried to

To the Teens of America–Article by Antonio Little, DP7456

To the Teens of America – Article by Antonio Little DP7456 I pray my words can reach all in the Lord that I truly desire them to

Talk of a Blessing….By David Lahoz

TALK OF A BLESSING ••••• Talk of a blessing, while walking & testing confessing, the very essence of his presence, caressing the flesh that once was

Released After 20 Years–A New Man

This compelling video interview examines the life of man who comes to Christ while in prison, as he explains his new life in society, and the

Mentoring; A View From the Other Side, By Ray Wambold

38 give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure

My Experience with Mentorship, By David Ludwig, GR6289

  “Even the wise cannot see all ends.” – Gandalf, Lord Of The Rings When I began my journey into the prison system after I committed

You Are Not A Mistake!

  By: Alex Rodriguez,   June, 2015 (Psalm 139:14) Mistake after mistake, failure after failure.  Don’t be so hard on yourself–but know that it is perhaps because

Mentoring–My Journey of Faith

By Ed Spencer   June 2015          Why am I involved in mentoring other men? I will never forget the days of my teen years when I, too,

An Inmate’s View of Mentoring

An Inmate’s View of Mentoring   By Alexis Rodriguez Hebrews 13:3 says, “Remember those in prison. Think of them as if you were in prison with

Rick Shares a Meal at Liberty Ministries

I didn’t know what to expect when I accepted an  invitation to share a dinner meal at Liberty Ministries in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.  My good friend, Ed

How Rick met Lex

I never expected to actually get involved with someone in prison; never even gave it one thought in my new life as a recently saved believer. 

Take Time Out, by Jason M. Startzman

As we close in upon this holiday season, While everyone is busy running here and there…   Chaotically making plans, balancing time to be spent with